A Kist of Emigrants

Between 1860 and 1880, 8,000 Shetlanders, more than a quarter of the population, emigrated to destinations all over the world, but predominantly to mainland Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America. The exodus had actually begun some decades earlier and it continued right up to the 1960's before the advent of North Sea oil reversed the tide. Commissioned by the Shetland Hamefarin committee to coincide with the Hamefarin of 2010, A Kist of Emigrants is illustrated with many photos, poems and letters and contains over 100 unique stories of 1,000 Shetland emigrants.

Dimensions 30.9 x 23.5 cm
Author J. Laughton Johnston
Publish date 2010
Publisher The Shetland Times Ltd.
ISBN 978-1-904746-54-6
Book format Hardback
Pages 320
Theme Emigration


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